During the industrialization in Europe an industrial branch for wooden toys developed . For example, toys were already produced in Germany in the 15th century. Transport and trade in wooden toys were well organized. Back then, rocking horses, swords, soldiers, doll’s prams, doll’s houses and various musical instruments were made from wood. The toy industry developed particularly quickly in southern Germany today . There was a settlement of wooden toy manufacturers that still exist. They professionalized the production of wooden toys.

Today we have a new favorite product that has just arrived and has taken our hearts by storm. Wooden models from Ugears are natural  and do not contain any dangerous additives. These eco wooden toys can be passed on from one generation to the next because their quality and design are unique.

3D puzzle structures

Ugears is a Ukrainian company that specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of high quality 3D puzzles. In particular, wooden toys are manufactured and sold there. Ugears is one of the leading manufacturers of creative toys in Ukraine and Europe. Their product range includes mechanical toys, such as steam locomotive, truck, tractor, safe and business card box . All 3D puzzle structures look great as high-quality decorations on the wall shelf or on the table.

You can view the products that Ugears offers in the online catalogs. The 3D puzzle from Ugears is quite easy to assemble and the instructions are very well described. You will also find interesting tips and tricks for handicrafts, handicraft instructions and much more on YouTube. If you like tinkering, you should definitely take a look here. 

Why you shouldn’t save money when buying wooden toys

 Historically, wooden toys are traditional in Europe. Wooden toys are often passed on from one generation to the next: from father to son and not infrequently to grandchildren. But sometimes there are toys that fathers buy for their children but play themselves. 

Wooden toys are so popular and have a long life because of the high stability of the wood. Wood is a unique raw material with many advantages. This has technical performance and reliability . In addition, wood enables creative design of toys to be created. Wood creates a deep cross-generational bond from which plastic toys are removed. Wooden toys are  natural and do not contain any dangerous additives. They are environmentally friendly and contribute to climate protection as a carbon store .

The Ugears construction kit consists only of high-quality wood and contains no harmful substances. They are developed and produced exclusively with a lot of love, precision and creativity. 3D puzzle by Ugears is one of the toys that your grandchildren will still play with.


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