The wooden models are scale models or sketches, which is reproduced in reduced form an object, which can be a sculpture, a house, a building, a boat, an airplane, among other things. These serve to visualize the object in more detail, before or after it is built. It can even be mobile, and have additional accessories such as lights.

Different types of wooden models

There are many types of wooden models , since this material is quite versatile and for those who know how to handle it correctly, it can be a blank canvas. It should be noted that when creating a model, different types of wood are used, which implies using different textures, colors, and nuances. The appropriate combination of light and dark colors gives the model a pleasing effect to the eye.

This type of modeling can be practiced by both children and adults. Among the wooden models for adults more practiced would be those that involve naval modeling, which is responsible for representing ships at scale, whether current or old.

Wooden ship mockups

The models of wooden boats usually represent old boats, especially sailboats, taking into account that these due to the large size they usually have candles, are very striking. Also within this type of modeling we can observe many representations of Viking ships. The Viking ships, despite looking simpler in their architecture, actually allowed the Nordics, at the time, to ravage several European countries.

The naval wooden models have a fairly wide audience that includes exhibitions in museums and galleries, collectors, and enthusiasts. Even for children this type of model is quite interesting due to the particular story that can be told from each ship that is armed.

Wooden models of houses

Another type of model that is very striking, are the wooden models of houses . These are quite used by passionate architects when presenting a model of what they captured in a plane. House models are not only a decorative, beautiful and interesting element in which you can fantasize about dolls and toys. Making a model of a house can also be an activity to do as a family and have a good time together. The wooden models for children of this type they are generally more sought after by girls, and that is what girl would not like to have a house for her doll? Well, this is a good way to make your daughter design the house she wants, and strive to make it happen. Also, it is a way to save some money too.

It should be noted that generally when wooden modeling is going to be used by children, it is best to leave tools for wooden models such as nails, hammers and others aside, and opt for a wooden model to assemble , that is, by a kit, which is a kind of puzzle that has different pieces that are assembled together. This will benefit your child’s motor function, as well as help him in his ability to solve problems in the future.

Different types of wooden models

People who manage to convert what would be a simple wooden model to build into a work of art cannot be described as less than artists . The most impressive buildings of humanity have been rebuilt to scale in wood, including the Empire State Building.

When thinking about wooden scale constructions, we can always think of a simple wooden house model , which does not require many special skills to assemble, and that can be used as a toy. However, we must emphasize that when talking about structures we cannot limit ourselves to houses, since there are wooden models of buildings which usually cause a great impact on observers, since they are buildings that we can observe in our day to day with Just leave our homes.

Among the models that children like the most are the wooden models of airplanes , because each part of the ship can be seen in full detail. One of the advantages of creating our own model, is that we can customize it as we like. We can do everything our imagination allows, and airplane modeling is no exception. We can choose colors, and even names for our own private plane.

Throughout the world there are various collections, exhibitions, and even stores that are dedicated to selling and displaying wooden airplane models . These usually serve only as a decoration, so we will generally notice that these are wooden models to be mounted on a base of our preference, in order to place it in a specific place in our house, that is, they are not toys . However, there are models of this type, with which you can accompany your child while the weapon, and then play with him while watching his first plane fly.

When talking about younger children, we know that the didactic and simple figures are the most attractive for them, therefore, a wooden model of animals would be really striking for a child, being seen with the ability to join the pieces piece by piece. parts to form a complete and well-known figure for him, or it can even be a not-so-known one, as would be a wooden model of dinosaurs , with which you can tell a fantastic story to your children of these majestic beasts that once populated the Earth. There are even wooden models with movement , which combine design and gears to give movement to the structure.

Finally, it should be noted that making wooden models is a complex art, in which if you want to be especially good, you must spend a lot of time, and you must have a lot of patience to be able to obtain the desired result.


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