Developed by the Ukrainian brand UGears, these modular kits are composed of pieces of plywood that are assembled, allowing children and adults to build various objects to bring them closer to mechanics from a playful impulse.

Locomotives, trucks, train tracks and even a chronograph. All these objects work thanks to the development of engineering from mechanical systems, and from now on they can be easily constructed in wood by children of different ages, who in the exercise stimulate their imagination and spatial thinking.

UGears Models

An education process that occurs thanks to the Ukrainian brand UGears Models, which since 2014 has developed various self-propelled models for children and adults to approach mechanics through a simple assembly of plywood pieces. In the elaboration there is no need to use glue or special tools, which is why people are not exposed to chemical substances.

“Our mission is to provide an unforgettable moment to work together on things that are popular for all ages. We want to connect the hearts of parents and children. And as a result, get a revived mechanical wonder, ”say the creators of the brand.

UGears Models proposes a collection with more than 25 exclusive and sustainable toys, inspired by real-life mechanisms, which can be used by the whole family. “Ladies buy them for their boyfriends and husbands; grandchildren get our models to join them with their grandparents. This is the best way to constantly involve busy mothers and fathers, playing with their children, ”they argue.

Each of the models has gone through a series of quality controls. Plywood comes from sustainable sources and developers have also invented and patented a specific design for plywood parts.

All designs are produced in Europe with durable materials and one of the main innovations that they propose is that, unlike other construction kits, they cease to be static and have movement. Some of them can travel up to 5 meters, only with the driving force, without the need for batteries.

On the other hand, the models have a unique design and many of them are real-life prototypes that show in detail the structure of the gears that create the movement. Each. It also includes an instruction manual for assembly.

UGears Models are currently available in 85 countries around the world. Recently in 2017, one of them, the “motor locomotive” was recognized with The Family Choice Awards , an award that highlights the best products and services for all family members in the United States.


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