UGEARS is the young Ukrainian company with its own company, which is located near Kiev. We develop and manufacture unique 3D puzzles that look like real. Some models have large prototypes, others are unique representations of historical mechanisms. The majority of the models can be moved without batteries. The designers are driven here by a rubber motor, numerous gears, wheels, traction and gravity.

Each model has its own idea and meaning. The “tractor” rumbles through the gears and moves the small but real pistons while driving. The “locomotive with the tender” shows the construction of the real steam engine at the beginning of the 20th century. She can drive up to 5 meters, her drawbar on the wheels turn beautifully. In the “LKW UGM-11” model, the 4-cylinder engine with the universal joint drive, which moves through the rubber motor and gears, was shown. In the “Safe” model, you can hide your own secrets or treasures and then open it with your own three-digit code.

We want the UGEARS model not only to work enchantingly, but also to look fantastic and fine, so that you can use it as a gift wanted to present or receive. When you unpack the boxes for the first time, you will immediately notice the pleasant smell of the wood. It is environmentally friendly and healthy. Our models are elegantly made from quality plywood. Its quality has been tested in European laboratories and is also used in the manufacture of European children’s furniture.

The mechanical models UGEARS allow you to hear the sound of the gears and experience the forces that do not draw the energy from the electrical socket. During assembly there is the important moment of “birth” when the model rises and begins to move. Something magical can be found in the movement of the gears. It is adorable. When the model that you have assembled yourself begins to move, experience the same feeling as trying a cake from childhood.

UGEARS team consists of 150 employees who are enthusiastic about the work, who create the music on the tree and realize the ideas in the models. Our mission is to give the unforgettable time of working together on things that all generations like and to connect the hearts of fathers and children. As a result of this work, you get the resurgent mechanical miracle. It is possible thanks to the interesting models made of natural, environmentally friendly materials, the precise processing and the detailed assembly instructions.

The mechanical models from UGEARS quickly conquer the hearts of collectors worldwide. UGEARS is a unique and exciting hobby that gives pleasant minutes and hours and makes it fun to communicate with relatives and friends on five continents in more than 80 countries.

Own idea and sense in each model

Each model has its own idea and meaning. In the ” Safe ” model , you can hide your own secrets or treasures and then open them with your own three-digit codes. With the ” Theater ” model , the story of the fairy tales for the night can be transformed into an enchanting idea: when the heroes of the theater swap wheels : Prince, King, Castle, Dragon, Witch, Clown, Princess, Treasure Chest. Today the UGEARS collection consists of 25 unique models: dynamometer, air motor, mechanical box, tractor, trailer for tractor ,Theater, chronometer for 20 minutes, tram with the rails, combine harvester, safe, truck UGM-11, truck extension set (aerial ladder + tanker + trailer), truck tanker, fire engine aerial ladder, locomotive with the tender, platform, set of railroad tracks with a level crossing, flower case, crypt, hurdy-gurdy, casket with the secret, date navigator, series “Mechanical City” : tram line, rail manipulator and operation of the robots , where the robots are manufactured.

Many other models are currently in the works and more than 200 kits are planned for the future, which we would like to realize. It takes between 2 months and up to a year to design


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