Have you been dreaming of your own truck for a long time ? With the Ugears model , a dream comes true for many men. Ugears 3D puzzles are the kits with unlimited possibilities.

The  UGM-11 truck  is the most complex car that the Ukrainian artists have developed. With 420 components you can only get your dream car for 76.90 euros. The vehicle consists of gears, axles and a rubber motor. The kit has the click connections between the components, which makes it possible to use no additional tools and no glue.

The finished model of the UGM-11 truck has a functional steering system: a rubber motor with movable pistons and a gear shift. It can run, steer and accelerate. In addition, while running you can see a fully functional steering wheel and accelerator pedal. The transmission in “forward” or “reverse” gear are also included. The car’s chassis also has no problems with the high speed.

Have you seen our combine harvester in reality? Above all, the agricultural  harvesting machine fascinates with its unique construction . At that time, machine engineers had to ensure the sustainability of the gearboxes , today it is our Ugears developers. From round to square elements: Ugears combine harvester convinces with its excellent stability. For each Ugears model kit, building plans are created, according to which each individual element is removed. All parts fit together precisely, which guarantees the stability of the model . Ugears engineers are so good that all kit parts hold without glue.

Thanks to high-quality wooden elements and authentic accessories, the Ugears model kits look even more real. The individual gears with their filigree structures and the massive shapes consist of gears . The model surprises with its function. The combine can be started by operating a gear wheel. With the help of a rubber motor, the harvesting machine travels approx. 1 meter after being pulled up and the cutting unit also moves when driving.

Experience Ugears wooden puzzle in the third dimension!

Ugears model kit Safe

For today’s test we take a great Ugears model kit Safe , which I was really looking forward to.

This detailed replica consists of 179 parts and is used to replicate the real safe with a 3-digit combination lock. The individual parts are made of laser-cut wood. According to the instructions, they are very easy to put together. This model kit is not only suitable for children aged 12 and over, but also for adults. The 3D puzzle has dimensions of 196 * 186 * 176 mm (outside) and  155 * 140 * 105 mm (inside).

On Sunday afternoons it is the perfect time to spend with best friends or family. It looks pretty difficult at first glance, but the instructions are very well described. And you can always watch video instructions on YouTube . After about 4 hours of productive work, you can easily finish the safe. It is really a lot of fun, even if it is really very difficult in the meantime. The finished Ugears model kit is now on the shelf and is a real eye-catcher!


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